ACADEMICIAN - is Web based ERP for Schools, Colleges and coaching institutions. It is hard to track and keep all the activities of school, student and employees detail. Here ACADEMICIAN keeps, maintain and updates all the activities related to school. ACADEMICIAN have complete set of portals for school i.e. Accounts, HR & Administration, Transport, Inventory management, Security, Students, Teachers and Staff Management. In nut shell school management does not need to look for any other portal if they have ACADEMICIAN.

             ACADEMICIAN is a simple yet powerful one BOX integrated platform that brings students, teacher, parents and administration in a single platform. ACADEMICIAN integrates all section/departments of an institution namely office administration, accounts, examination, academics, library, inventory and miscellaneous departments in single EPR solution with real time data availability.

ACADEMICIAN distributes the department yet synchronized with each other and provides information needed for student, parent, staff and management at a much higher speed with accuracy.It eases day to day tasks of the school and make them faster, efficient and accurate. With the help of ACADEMICIAN it has become very easy for educators to manage, analyze and get reports of extensively important data, with saving time by eliminating repeated data entry process. This ERP solution contributing to society and environment by making a paperless office automation solution for today's highly modern schools and make them contribute in saving trees.

School/institute has huge amount of critical information such as student details, staff details, results, student history, certifications, library, notices etc. and are needed to be processed and stored for around years. This can be easily done with the help of ACADEMICIAN. In 21st century digital world, speed and accuracy are the fundamental things necessary to excel and every educational institutions are also in the race for the same and we are helping them in achieving it. Every school requires an intelligent, reliable and efficient solution for their needs and here we are with ACADEMICIAN - School Management Software providing you with our best solutions for school.

ACADEMICIAN - School Management Software is provided by Aharnish Infotech Pvt. Ltd. a company in the field of IT with number of satisfied customers over the continent from the day one. ACADEMICIAN - School Management is especially designed for the School like organizations by our team to make functioning of school and educational institutions administration and management work effortless, easy and streamline which are carried out on a daily basis.

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