Holiday Calender

Here the authorized department can publish the calendar for Public Holiday, Special Holiday, and Vacation for the school. This module allows you to create holiday calendar for students and teachers as per the academics schedule. Emails can be sent to students and parents regarding holidays. It is integrated with attendance and library module for easy management and better functionality of the school.

Leave Management

It makes easy for students, teachers and office staff members to request for paid leave, sick leave and leave with lose of pay and check its status online. Staff members can also check the number of availed leaves, available paid leaves sick leaves and leaves without pay. Administrator can process the request and grant the leave online or can decline as per the situation with notification send back to the requesting person. It allows you to create report of leaves of a staff member or of all members for a month or for a specific period.

Jobs Opening Management

To keep Organization running well it’s very necessary to keep all vacancies of teachers and staff filled on time. Jobs Opening Management allows you to post on the school's site about the current vacancies and requirements. It also allows to publish Requirements for the teacher or staff for the same on the site.

Grievance Cell

To keep the work environment clean grievance cell can get Complaints filed against a particular person or department by the school member or students or parents to the concern school authority/ management and can also get status of complaint filed by him/her.

Apponintment Management

Recruitment authority can get the resume of online applicants for the various posts like Teacher, office staff security etc. and can shortlist them after necessary formalities. Authorized person can assign the job to the finalized applicant, create its account and assign position. The details of the applicant can be directly transferred to the staff details module.

Employees Award Management

We believe finding the right way to make our employees feel appreciated builds job satisfaction, employee loyalty and longevity. Employers' efforts to motivate employees by, among other things, recognizing their achievements in the organization generally have proven successful and have given rise to a wide variety of methods of rewarding the many types of such achievements. With help of this module administration can announce cash award or give appreciation letter for their performance.