School Addmission Management

Academician helps you to ease the registration and admission process of new and old students. Students can file applications for admission online and check the progress on application anytime. School administration can receive and manage applications online and carry out admission procedure smoothly and fairly with status shared through Email/SMS and collect fees for the same. It gives a wonderful facility of transferring student details to school register when admission is granted.

Student Details Management

Student Details Management module allows you to keep track of students studying in the school throughout the year and add and edit their details. Here you can keep a record of the students studying in different standards, divisions and mediums and can get there details anytime u need. Here u can get details of student from different administrations section and automating entry of student details from admission section to student details.

Staff Management

To manage staff is the biggest challenge in big organizations, Staff Management helps you to add, edit and manage the details of the school staff easily. It provides the details of the staff members and ability to search for a specific employees using different filter options available in the module. It facilitates you by automatic addition of details of staff member if the employee is approved through the appointment management module.

Certificate Generation

Here the staff is provided with a module which allows them to generate all kinds of necessary certificates needed by the student/school any time with a click. Staff can generate certificates which are even fully customizable for students like bonafide certificate, school leaving certificate, character certificate etc. this also assist in Management of record of certificate generated. Apart from saving time and money it will also automates a tough and lengthy process.

Notice Management

Here we facilitate the administration with an interface which helps in publishing important news and notices on the online notice board. It increase the notice delivery speed to Students, parents and teachers and they can access notice board for important school news and articles related to school activities, holidays, etc. After publishing the notice admin can rest assured that it is reached to everyone once it’s published online.

ID Card Generation

Generating ID cards for student and staff through Academician will give you a wonderful experience. It gives facility of carrying out automatic generation of ID cards with a single click. You can generate and design ID cards of the students as per the needs of school with additional customization feature in the module. Using this facility there would be no need of manually entering student and staff details for all the ID cards.

Event Management

As events are very important part of school curriculum, Academician’s Events Management module allows to schedule and manage events being conducted in the institution throughout the session without any trouble. Events calendar for different activities and competitions proposed to be happening in the school for the month like dance, art, quiz etc. can be easily done with the help of Academician. Participant registration can be carried out easily online and you can track on the participation details and participation fee collected. Students can track on the activities status online and can see the Glimpse of the events anytime online.

Hostel Management

Hostel are the 2nd home for students living far away from home. It’s the responsibility of school to take care of students in hostel and keep records of students living there very safely, securely and correctly. Our Hostel Management section allows you to manage hostel proficiently and correctly. It helps you to manage students and teachers in different hostel rooms and set pricing for hostel rooms and integrate it with fees structure. It is linked with inventory management so that you keep a record of all hostel stock items. Here administration can also have a look on the no of visitors and the time of check ins and check outs. You can also generate customized reports of hostel details anytime with real time stats.